Languages, media and new technologies

Al Alsun conferences

Impact of Media and New Technologies on Languages

Minya University

7-9 december 2009
Minya, Egypt



The Fifth International Conference of the Faculty Al-Alsun
Minia University


The organsiation committee is expressing her deep regret about having to suspend the conference for at least the winter season. We thank our dear colleagues who interact with us and reiterate our regret.


Welcome to the Fifth International Conference of the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Minia University to be held Monday through Wednesday, December 7-9/2009 at the Suzanne Mubarak Auditorium, Minia University, Egypt. The conference will be held under the title "The impact of Media and New technologies on languages".

We invite to explore new research in language, linguistics and literature through the use of the Internet, multimedia and new technologies (the digital discourse of blogs, wikis, texts, instant messaging, video games, emails, podcasting, hypertexts, web communities, etc.). The conference is searching topics including both the way in which language-related themes are represented in the media as well as looking at how language specialists might communicate more effectively with and through the media. Contributions include works on media in all its forms including newspapers, radio, television, computer-mediated communication, and mobile-mediated communication.

We hope that the 5th ICFAMU will be a great occasion to exchange and expertise on an international scale.

Axes and topics

Translation, language and media

  • language standards, norms and policies
  • newswriting practices in broadcastings
  • media discourse analysis
  • translating media discourse
  • representing the unmentionable: repression, omission, euphemism and taboo in media; body language; semiotics of visual and graphic representation
  • representation of speech, thought and writing in media discourse
  • coherence, cohesion and reference in multimedia discourse
  • role of context in understanding media
  • reconstruction of national and regional identity through language planning in media
  • syntax and semantics of the graphical discourse
  • deixis in multimedia environments
  • Multimedia and corpus linguistics :
    • building multilingual corpora based on media
    • Corpus evidence-based approach
    • multimedia tools and their interaction with the development of corpora
  • audio-visuel translation:
    • audio-visuel translation in the Arab world
    • discourse and subtitling
    • the identity of language in subtitling

Literature, media and Internet

  • literature via media
  • contemporary issues in 21st literature

Language and globalization

  • foreign language and communication in professional context
  • multilinguism and cross-cultural communication
  • speaking their language (example: JSC english, BBC arabic, Al hurra, etc.)
  • Multilingual access to global media

Translation, language and technologies

  • technologies of localization
  • language ideologies in videogames and website localization
  • impact of technology development on linguistic discipline:
    • electronic dictionaries and corpora
    • automatic summarization and information retrieval
    • summarization and translation through multimodal documents
    • automating captioning, speech recognition and language transfer

Foreign languages aquisition, media and technologies

  • language acquisition and multimedia
  • creation and use of audio-visual content in language learning: technologies and models